What are the best romantic destinations?

romantic destinations

If you want to woo your beloved with a surprise getaway, somewhere new but romantic, travel on a road less traveled by with your amour, avoiding the flocks of tourists occupying every major city around Europe. Here is our collection of the most romantic and yet exotic travel destinations.

1- Glasgow Scotland

The city of love, this is where you'll want to spend Valentine's day with your lover, it's when the friars of St john Church pray for lovers upon the relic of St Valentine that is given a honorable place at the entrance of the church.

Glasgow is without doubt a haunting city, the moment you land you get struck by an enchanted momentum. The city is perfect for all the lovebirds out there. Surprise your better half with a romantic picnic lunch in The exotic Botanic Gardens. walk amid the walkways between its sophisticated colossal building. beautiful music, culture and breathtaking scenery, Glasgow is our number one romantic off the beaten path destination.

2-Vienna Austria

Song writers get inspired by this old city, Vienna ! Oh even the name sounds romantic, and as they say "falling in love in Vienna is easy" with its winding walkways, cobbled streets, Baroque palaces and enchanting atmosphere anywhere you roam. Here, you can get cozy at cafes over hot chocolate witnessing the city turning magical as light snow fall or stroll hand in hand through the Volksgarten in Spring watching the 400 different type of flowers growing beautifully around you. Get crazy and goofy together at the Prater amusement Park. have the vacation of your dreams and get a sense of what it's like to live in a movie sound-tracked by Mozart.

3-Budapest Hungary:

the inspirational "Paris of the east", a timeless city for eternal lovers, Budapest is ideal for a weekend getaway with the love of your life in a shoestring budget. stroll around the old-world charming Castles, that makes you feel like you're in a fairy-tale world.

A word of advice, propose to her on the capital's first bridge, with the Buda castle in the background and a awe-inspiring view of the Danube, in a setting like that, It's a sure Hell YES ! from her.

4-Tallinn Estonia:

Tallinn, famous for its chaotic Hanseatic architecture, where every stone and cobble tells a story of a medieval town that used to be a kingdom. perfect for a couple vacation away form the chaos of modernity.

5-Prague Czech Republic:

Prague is a very affordable destination, situated at the Heart of Europe, and indeed it is the heart and soul with its old-world charm and glamour in its majestic monuments and well preserved old town.

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