Enjoy your holiday in Paris choosing the right hotel

Bedford Hotel

Understandably the most popular destination for a weekend get-away, Paris holds delights for every visitor. A weekend is never enough so people go back often; fortunately it is a centrally located destination, easy to get to.

The city of light

Rich in art and culture, renowned for its haute cuisine, overflowing with exciting things to do and see, Paris has loads to offer. Illuminated in every way, historically considered the artistic heart of Europe, the city of light is a hotbed of art and culture that attracts visitors year round. Geographically it is not quite the heart of the European continent, but its position is such that it can be reached easily from all over the world. If you are contemplating such a trip, it is a good idea to book your hotel along with your travel arrangements. A recommendation: the hotel-bedford.com site is an excellent starting point for your holiday.

Getting there

Connections to and from the UK are fast and frequent with various travel options. The fastest mode of travel is by plane, and there are multiple flights available daily from many different UK airports, not only London. Rivalling air travel, the London-Paris train through the Channel Tunnel offers speed and comfort the whole way into the city. The slower, more traditional route to the continent is by train and ferry-boat - an option not lacking in charm.

The right hotel

Finding a hotel in Paris is never a problem, there are so many, of all types and categories. If you are a spur-of-the-moment traveller this is a comforting thought. Even bustling Paris in the spring, overflowing with enthusiastic tourists, can always provide adequate accommodation for weary travellers. Whether you are lodging in a student hostel, or you have a luxury suite at the Georges V, where you stay is a vital element in your holiday experience. Although most tourists are out and about all day visiting the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and all the must-see places that abound in the city, it is important to come back to a comfortable and friendly environment that, especially during longer visits, seems to welcome you back, a home away from home.

The Bedford Hotel

Hotel Bedford is one such hotel: warm and welcoming. It is a great example of a hotel with the beautiful rooms and the perfect service expected in a modern top-notch hotel, while preserving a down-to-earth family-style friendliness and a desire to please. In fact, it is a family-run enterprise that has over a century of experience behind it: the Berrut family has been running this historic hotel since 1905. It is a luxury, 4-star hotel beautifully situated in a quiet corner right in the center of the city, between the Champs Elysees and the Madeleine. It proudly offers visitors "a quiet haven in the heart of the capital".

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