South American soil, what’s so special there?

South American soil

South America rhymes with rest, relaxation and well-being. Therefore lots of tourist attractions around the world are situated in beautiful green settings. Relaxation, sports activities and spa treatments will rhythm your stay. Do you want to enjoy the best of holidays within nature and recharge the batteries? Here are our tips for you!

The best spots are located in the heart of nature and thus are ideal for relaxation and during your holidays. As a couple, family or friends, you would certainly love a stay in the comfort of a cottage in which you can fully enjoy a totally new lifestyle. Cottages usually have large openings to the outside so you can enjoy the terrace in the summer and a good wood fire in the winter. Holiday parks around Europe have a rich flora and fauna that you can admire throughout your stay as well as a farm welcoming the young and old most of the time.

Opting for a holiday within a natural landscape demands that you totally forget about your car for at least a few days. On site you will therefore benefit from exceptional calmness an atmosphere that’s suitable for relaxing and completely switching off. The fact remains that, to reach any place, event or activity you can always rent bicycles or through walk the numerous trails.

Many of natural tourist destinations around Europe have a spa. These relaxation areas act as a perfect way of immersing into nature throughout your stay with massages, sensory showers, a body or facial treatments etc… During your holiday at a natural tourist spot, your children won’t be bored and will certainly enjoy the activities at their disposal. In addition to that, restaurants around the area tend to offer fresh and organic food much to the delight of their visitors. These areas usually suggest lots of activities and attractions to ensure your stay is as quiet and relaxing as it can possibly get. So take advantage of your free time to chill out, take a nap or have a good slumber. To cap it all off, you would often be treated to a dinner overlooking a huge lake or a gorgeous sunset.

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