Escape to paradise: Booking your dream holiday villa in an idyllic setting

Booking your dream holiday villa

Escaping to a paradise location for a villa break is a dream for many holidaymakers. However, tailor-made stays require a little more research than simply booking the first holiday villa that the rental agency suggests or the one that looks best in the photos you've seen of it. If you want to enjoy a truly remarkable getaway, then you need to pay attention to three key areas a little more closely. The location of the villa, the size and facilities of the accommodation and your travel arrangements are all crucial if you want to get the best out of your idyllic setting. Using a rental agency specialising in tailor-made stays, such as, for example, helps to narrow down your searches so you can find the exact paradise escape you're looking for. In the meantime, read on to find out how to choose suitable accommodation in the right location and with the right facilities to meet your idea of what constitutes a dream holiday.

Choose your preferred location carefully

Before making a holiday booking in what you think is going to be an idyllic setting, check out the locality in a bit more detail. There are some very sumptuous villas in fantastic locations but make sure you know how close the accommodation will be to neighbouring properties, bars and restaurants, for example. Some holidaymakers will want peace and quiet to spend a week or two in their idea of paradise while others will want to be closer to the heart of a resort or town so they're walking distance from entertainment. If you want direct access to the beach, as many luxury villas in idyllic locations provide for, then make sure you know how steep it may be to get to the shore and whether there is step-free access. Such details can be confirmed quite easily and may prevent you from being disappointed on arrival. In other words, choosing the general area for your holiday is only part of being able to enjoy your idyllic break – you need to focus on the specific location and how it will fit in with your idea of what makes a great getaway.

Check the number of bedrooms and bathrooms for your party size

Many holiday villas have enough bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms to cope with larger families and even big groups of friends or extended family groups. However, just because you have considered booking a top-notch villa for your break in a great location, it won't guarantee you have enough room for everyone. Confirming the sleeping arrangements before you travel is important or you may find that you won't have sufficient capacity for everyone. Check whether there are enough double, twin and single rooms for your party. If family rooms are provided, make sure they'll suit the make up of your party. Although you can expect a luxury kitchen, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and other facilities, it is worth reading about all of the amenities on offer before you confirm your holiday booking. The same goes for the number of shower rooms, bathrooms and en-suites, of course, since you'll probably want to luxuriate in them for longer than you might do at home. Make sure there are enough for everyone and, if your villa is close to a beach or has its own pool, whether there are showers you can use outside.

Consider travel to and from the villa's idyllic setting

Finally, it is worth noting that many idyllic settings are unspoiled because they're in remote locations. Some tailor-made stays may include transfers to and from the airport but what about your travel during your stay? Check for parking options, whether there is a garage or even a chauffeur service you can take advantage of. If you only have enough room to park one car, for example, then it can create a headache if your party is large enough to need to fit in multiple vehicles. After all, you will only really relax into your paradise break when you know you've got all of your travel arrangements sorted, even if that means knowing where to catch the local bus service or how to book a taxi. Another good tip is to check the flight path for the local airport. Being close to the airport is usually very convenient on your day of arrival and departure but it can also create a problem if you happen to be close to the flight path and have your idyllic location spoilt by aircraft taking off and landing within earshot.

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