What are the best areas to rent a villa in St. Tropez?


St Tropez is a popular tourist destination in southern France. Every luxury villa Saint-Tropez has its unique features, and it is up to the tenant to select what they want. This article shares some of the best areas within St Tropez where visitors can rent a villa and what makes these locations unique.


The hilly scenes overlooking the Mediterranean are popular spots in St. Tropez. Its proximity and sea site make Ramatuelle the perfect location for a holiday. Despite the exotic features, all rental villa Ramatuelle has on the listing are competitively priced. They offer value for money, thanks to the excellent ambience, serene environment and proximity to social amenities within the city. Some of the Luxury Villa Saint-Tropez has in its listing include:

  • Villa Roxanne - it is a 5-bed villa that can host 10 people. It is ideal for a family holiday and costs between €12,500 and €16,000 a week.
  • Villa Six Seas - this is a €14,000-19,500 villa that can host 10 people at a go. It has 5 bedrooms with a swimming pool and an exotic view from the hilly terrain.

Others within the price range include the Villa Cycas, Villa Loum and Villa Pearl.

City Centre

The city centre poises a unique approach since it can combine both business and holiday. Its proximity to the city's administrative centre and location towards the sea is strategic. Luckily, the price range is competitive, offering value for money. Some of the villas in the city centre include:

  • Villa Noria - it is one of the best prices villas in the location, ranging between €13,000 and €17,500 per week. This 5 bedroom villa can accommodate 10 people at a go.
  • Villa Rose - this magnificent villa has an Olympic-sized swimming pool and an exotic design. It costs between €18,000-20,500 with 4-bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Villa Anna - it is a 10-people villa, with 5 bedrooms and bathrooms. For as low as €19,500, visitors can get the villa for a week.
  • Villa Des Lices - one of the most prestigious locations in the city centre. It is a 5-bedroom villa that can host 10 people at a go.

Other Prime Locations with Luxury Villa Saint-Tropez

  • Bouillabaisse - popular villas in this area include Villa Dolce Vita and Villa Les Palmiers, which are 6-bedroom villas.
  • Canoubiers - it has the villa Canoubwest, which is the ideal family holiday home with 6-bedrooms and a cinema room
  • Croix-Valmer - this seafront location hosts some of the best sites for a holiday home. Villas here include Villa Valmer, Villa France, Villa Reine, Villa Victorie and Villa Louise.
  • Les Salins - it is one of the most affordable locations in Saint Lopez Villa M is an attraction, costing €12,000 per week.

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