Holiday break with the family

Holiday break

Well, get your passport ready and prepare to check out France from your bucket­list because you're going to have the journey of your dreams on a shoestring budget with our help.

Low cost destinations

Choosing carefully where to go in France is vital to enjoy your holiday the way you want to and determine how much budget you need. unlike what everybody seems to think, going on a holiday to France doesn't necessarily mean spending a fortune.

Here are some cheap French cities you undoubtedly will love and enjoy. The very nice Nice is a famous destination for low budget travelers, perfect for an off­season visit, with an all year mild climate. this seaside town is perfect for art and culture lovers who will soak up in its amazing medieval charm. See ? you can spend a cheap holiday in the Cote d'Azur especially during off­season, who would believe.

Away form seaside towns which on holiday season can be unsurprisingly costly, there is so many rural villages and towns that you will enjoy staying at even more than most large cities. Auvergne, Lorraine and Champagne reputed to be the most underrated and cheapest towns in all France, with beautiful landscape perfect for backpackers and hikers.

Chartres a small city near Paris, It is a usual day trip destination for Tourists residing in Paris, who come flocking eager to see the worldwide famous Cathedral, the city's centerpiece along side so many other medieval sites, going to this town is like time traveling to the ancient past, everything is so historical there. but what people don't know is that it's a perfect base for holiday­makers who are traveling on low budget but still want to visit Paris and it's neighbors

Money saving tips

1­ Train Tickets

Let's say buying your tickets 3 months in advance will guarantee you a 50% cheaper ticket. and remember to buy it from the official site Voyages­SNCF on the French version. If you're under 27 yrs old, get your 'Carte Jeune', it will grant you major reduces in train tickets


Couchsurfing is famous among travelers and backpackers, it's a phenomena where people all around the world share their homes who complete strangers for free.

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