France’s treasures


Our range of holidays in France focuses on the outstanding wildlife habitats that are still found in the country. In particular we focus on France's spectacular mountain ranges – the Pyrenees and Alps, and other outstanding upland areas like the Cevennes and Auvergne, which are all exceptionally rich in plants, birds, mammals and butterflies. France’s mountains and upland regions provide fine walking opportunities, although we always move at a pace slow enough to enjoy all aspects of the natural world! France's lowlands also provide some very special habitats. The Camargue is Europe's best known wetland while Normandy offers a varied tapestry of coastal habitats and gently rolling hills rich in wild flowers and butterflies.The best spots are located in the heart of nature and thus are ideal for relaxation and during your holidays. As a couple, family or friends, you would certainly love a stay in the comfort of a cottage in which you can fully enjoy a totally new lifestyle. Cottages usually have large openings to the outside so you can enjoy the terrace in the summer and a good wood fire in the winter. Holiday parks around Europe have a rich flora and fauna that you can admire throughout your stay as well as a farm welcoming the young and old most of the time.

Opting for a holiday within a natural landscape demands that you totally forget about your car for at least a few days. On site you will therefore benefit from exceptional calmness an atmosphere that’s suitable for relaxing and completely switching off. The fact remains that, to reach any place, event or activity you can always rent bicycles or through walk the numerous trails.

Wherever you choose to travel with Naturetrek, you will enjoy the best of France's birds, plants and butterflies in the company of our expert naturalist guides. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy all this in comfort and on a full stomach, for the characterful and friendly family-run hotels that we choose for our holidays offer both comfort and fine local cuisine. The quality of the Naturetrek picnic lunch in France is legendary!

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