Luggage storage: store your luggage safely during your vacation

Luggage storage
There's nothing worse than being on vacation and having a load of bags that you need to schlep around with you. That's when luggage storage becomes just what you need. You can leave your bags with a trusted "nanny" who will watch over and care for them while you see the sights, catch a show and enjoy dinners in small, quaint restaurants throughout the city without having to keep track of them or fit them into tight spaces. If you're looking for a premier bag drop, check out what has to offer. With all the options available, you won't have any trouble enjoying your vacation without being weighed down by luggage everywhere you go.

Getting Started

Using a Nannybag storage service is very easy to do. You can book a location online by choosing where you're vacationing, how many bags you want to store and when you want to drop them off and pick them up. This is handy if you have a wait between your arrival and your hotel check in. By stowing your bags, you can get your vacation started while a trusted "nanny" watches your luggage for you. Once you're booked, simply drop off your bags and go enjoy your trip. When you're ready, you can return and collect your luggage and be on your way. It's easy and convenient!

How it works

As mentioned above, all you have to do is choose a location, drop your things off and then come back and pick them up when you're ready for them. There's a bit more to it than that and knowing what to expect means you can get it done and get started on your vacation fun as soon as possible. The prices are usually fixed, based on how much you're storing and how long you're leaving it, but expect to pay via a credit card rather than cash or check. Every payment is secure and safe, and you can use the storage locations in most places 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Luggage Safety

You might be wondering how safe luggage storage is and it's nice to know that your items are well cared for by your "nanny." The storage facilities are safe and secure with real customer service agents to answer questions and help you with your needs. Additionally, there is insurance for your baggage while you're away. Each item is generally insured up to a certain amount so that you're covered in case of loss, damage or theft of your belongings while they're stored. This gives you peace of mind that your items are safe while you enjoy your vacation without having to keep eyes on every bag and suitcase the entire time. After all, who can enjoy a vacation when they're focused on keeping track of luggage? So skip that hassle and trust a bag drop to help you.

Storing Your Luggage

Most nannybag style storage options allow you to safely stow your clothing, shoes and other vacation essentials, you can't just put anything into them. By sticking to the rules, you ensure that your items are covered by insurance and you don't have to worry about facing any consequences with local police. Items you cannot keep in a bag drop include anything illegal, toxic items, radioactive items, live plants or live animals. You also cannot use luggage storage to keep food and other perishables, waste or anything that is flammable. You should also never keep cash or other securities in your storage unit. Stick to the basics and storage for your luggage should be easy and convenient so that you're free to see everything there is to see, whether you're close to home or far away. There are storage choices in more than 250 cities worldwide, so you'll always be able to find some help with your bags and suitcases.

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