Holiday breaks

What is a holiday break for?

holiday breaks

The purpose of a holiday is to rest, relax and indulge in activities that give you pure pleasure. In fact, the word “vacation” comes from a Latin word (vacare) meaning “free” or “having spare time”.

However, with your hectic life, holidays are perhaps the only time you have to finish some housework, or resolve family issues. If this is your case, you’re really just replacing one form of work by another, and you might miss a valuable opportunity to invigorate your body and mind during a holiday stay far from a tiring daily life…

Follow our suggestions to choose a destination and fully disconnect from reality and focus on both yourself and your loved ones. By doing so, you can turn any spare time into a revitalizing one, no matter whether it is just for an afternoon out of the office, a day off, a long weekend or a two week vacation! Plan you next holidays with the help of

A holiday break for the sake of living the present moment!

Enjoy the moment, slive in the present for soem time, rather than worrying about the work you have left behind, or tasks that you should be trying to accomplish. Pay attention to your body, sleep when tired and eat when hungry. Define exactly what you want to do and do it!

How about a change of scenery? Try not to stay at home, even if you only have a half-day off. Go play golf, spend a few hours at the beach, visit a zoo, enjoy a movie in the afternoon or go for a picnic and finally eat outside for real!

Before making any decision when it comes to your trip, search obline for the best offers and look for thones that suit your budget best. Websites like this one which focuses on French destinations and especially on holiday rentals, are all over the internet for your own sake!

holiday breaks
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Enjoy your holiday breaks to the fullest!

Just dare! Do something you’ve never done before. This will occupy your mind and help you forget about your daily concerns. Visit a new place, follow a painting course, hike to an unknown place, explore an area of the city where you’ve never been before or spend a few hours in a climbing facility…

Get moving. Being very active makes you “live in your body” rather than your mind. Book a stay at a spa, sign up for dance lessons or try your hand at a new sport. Enjoy physical activities and think about your mental well-being as well!

Waste time for once! Allow yourself to take a good rest period. Get up when you are ready instead of programming your alarm clock. Forget shaving or makeup when leaving your bed in the morning, have lunch at dinner time, wear old pants instead of getting dressed as if you were going to work. Lie on a hammock chair and watch the clouds go by.

Spending holidays in the PACA region with your family

Spend your next summer vacation with your family between land, sea and mountains in the South of France. Sweetness and wealth make the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region the first family tourist destination in France. With its activities and large natural parks: you awill find yourself in the land of horse and bike riding, walking and sailing. It is a good spot to spend a family vacation in!

By spending your holidays in PACA with the children, you can discover the wide choice of accommodation and experience the hospitality of exceptional places: in the heart of vineyards, houses, charming hotels, lodge in the Camargue, yurt in the Var … Let yourself be charmed!

For a successful family vacation, you need to learn everything about the region thanks to all the PACA information available online.

Spending holidays in the PACA region with you family